Athens public transport serves cities and suburbs and consists of:

  • Athens Metro
  • City buses
  • Buses-Trolley
  • Athens Tram
  • Athens Suburban Railway (Proastiakos)

Additionally, a long-distance bus network connects Athens to other cities in Greece.

Visit this website or download the OASA Telematics app for Android and iOS for route details, maps, and real-time bus movement information.


Metro/Train (ISAP)

The Athens Metro, with 3 lines, links to the tram, bus, and suburban railway:

  • Line 1 (green line): Kifisia – Piraeus
  • Line 2 (red line): Anthoupoli – Eliniko
  • Line 3 (blue line): Airport – Douk. Plakentias – Dimotiko Theatro (Piraeus)

The overground train (ISAP) runs from Kifissia to Piraeus, connecting to lines 2 and 3 at Attiki, Omonia, and Monastiraki stations.


The Metro operates daily from 5 am to midnight. On Fridays and Saturdays, lines 2 and 3 run until 2 am.

Find information and timetables on this website.

Buses & Trolleybuses

City buses and trolleybuses operate in Athens and its suburbs, with special schedules from July to September. There are five 24-hour lines, 4 airport lines, and 8 Express lines connecting Athens International Airport with the city center, Piraeus port, and the Intercity Bus Terminal (KTEL Kifissos).

Operating hours vary, generally running from 5:00 am to midnight.

Check the routes, maps, and real-time bus movement information on this website.


The tram connects central Athens with coastal suburbs. It intersects with the Metro and overground train at Syntagma, Syngrou/Fix, Neos Kosmos, and SEF (Peace and Friendship Stadium in Faliro).

Three Trolleybus lines include:

  • Line 1: Syntagma – SEF
  • Line 2: Syntagma – Voula
  • Line 3: Voula – SEF

The tram operates daily from 5:30 am to 12:00 am. Find information and timetables here.

Suburban Railway (Proastiakos)

The Suburban Railway (Proastiakos) links Piraeus port, Athens International Airport, Halkida in Evia, Kiato, and Corinth in the Peloponnese.

Three main routes are:

  • Piraeus – Athens – Kiato
  • Piraeus – Athens – Athens International Airport
  • Athens – Chalkida – Athens

Different fares apply; standard 90-minute tickets cover specific Proastiakos journeys.

Operating from 4:30 am to 11 pm daily.

Find timetables here.

Long-distance Transportation

KTEL buses are an affordable option for longer distances. Detailed information on routes, timetables, and ticket fares is available here.


About Tickets

Tickets and passes (Ath.ena tickets) for public transport are sold at ticket booths and machines in all Athens Metro and tram stations. Three types of Ath.ena tickets are available:

  • A paper ticket (top-up available) - you can issue it at any ticket machine inside the metro station.
  • An Anonymous ATH.ENA Card (top-up available, discounts are not available)
  • A Personalized ATH.ENA Card (includes all types of tickets and discounts)

Personalized ATH.ENA Cards require an application process, starting online here.


  • A standard single ticket costs €1.20, valid for 90 minutes (except services to/from the airport). Students and seniors over 65 pay €0.50 (ID and proof of age required). Children up to age 6 travel free, while ages 7-18 pay €0.50 (proof of age required).
  • Airport tickets by bus cost €5.50, and by metro, the cost is €9.

You can use your ticket for all routes by metro, buses or trams. You swipe your card every time you go through a turnstile at the entrance and exit of the metro, ISAP and suburban stations, and when you enter buses, trolleys and trams.

Find more about the costs and discounts here.

Important: If you want to get the monthly discount ticket or if you are eligible for free transportation in Athens with an unemployment card, you will need to get a personalized, plastic one with your photo on it.

Personalized ATH.ENA Cards

Personalized ATH.ENA Cards are issued by specific ticket counters registered in the system, presenting your ID or Passport and your social security number (AMKA) in a hardcopy form. You can start the application process online here (note your 8-digit PIN Code, as you will need it in the process). The Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) staff will check and proceed to the issue of your Personalized ATH.ENA Card, and will be sent to the address mentioned in your application form.

You can learn about how to get an Ath.ena Card here.

When you request an Ath.ena Card, both online and at the ticket office, you will have to create an 8-digit PIN. Write this PIN down so you can remember it. It is important in order to get the free transportation option and also to get a new card in case of loss or theft.

How to get the Ath.ena Card online

This option is only for those that have AMKA (not PAAYPA) Visit the website athenacard.gr and choose whether you would like the card to be sent to your preferred address, or if you would like to receive it from a ticket office by printing out the QR code and showing it to the card issuer. The website will generate a QR code after you fill out the online form.

Ath.ena card-website

The QR code option is much faster. If you request for the card to be posted to you, this won't cost you anything, but it will take around a month and a half for the card to arrive.

Then fill in a form with the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • AMKA number or, if you don’t have an AMKA, your passport number
  • Date of Birth
  • Photograph (smaller that 200 KB)

You will have to create an 8-digit PIN. Write this PIN down so you can remember it. It is important in order to get the free transportation option and also to get a new card in case of loss or theft.

How to get the Ath.ena Card at a ticket office

This process is simpler. You need to go to one of the selected ticket offices and present the following documents:

You don’t need to have a photograph with you. There is a webcam at the ticket office, and your photograph will be taken on the spot. You will receive your Ath.ena Card immediately.

Remember to note down your 8-digit code. You will need it in order to get the free transportation option on your card.

Free transportation with an unemployment card - How to get the Ath.ena Card if you are unemployed?

Do you hold an unemployment card from OAED? Then you can use public transportation for free throughout Athens. You just need to get a personalized Ath.ena Card and add the free transportation option.

Note: You can get a Free transportation card with an unemployment card, only if you have AMKA - Not PAAYPA.

For those with AMKA: You can do so either online or by visiting the office desk in metro stations. The process is a bit complicated as since January 2020, AMKA is no longer issued for asylum seekers. Those that managed to have AMKA before this decision, continue to benefit from free public transportation. To proceed you will need:

  1. AFM – To be attained from the tax office of the neighborhood where you live (not just any tax office). Find here more
  2. Your key number ("kleidarithmos" in Greek) that allows you to access the [online TAXISnet platform]. Find more here
  3. Activating the Taxisnet account online
  4. Getting an AMKA Number. Find here more
  5. Connecting the Social Security Number and AFM numbers – An indication for this step is for the AFM number to be included inside the AMKA paper, however, the actual “connection” has to happen inside their system/database. The connection procedure used to be done at KEP offices in the past, however, now, only EFKA can do it but it is a necessary step to be able to validate the ATH.ENA transportation card. Find EFKA contact info here
  6. OAED unemployment paper Find more here.
  7. ATH.ENA transportation card – to be attained from some metro stations (such as Syntagma, Omonia, Piraeus or Agia Marina)
  8. Activate ATH.ENA card on the ΗΔΙΚΑ e-ticket application website with TaxisNet credentials and choose the option of activation through unemployment.
  9. Once you enter your TAXISnet passwords, you will be asked to:

  10. Fill in your AFM and AMKA number

  11. Click the "Create new card" option and add the 16-digit number written on your Ath.ena card
  12. Enter your 8-digit PIN code to verify your card
  13. Select the option of free transportation for the unemployed
  14. Activate the card

You will get a message that your card is ready, but you will actually need to wait for 2 to 5 working days. Only then will you be able to use the 30-day free rides option on your Ath.ena Card. 10. Once your Ath.ena Card is certified through the online ΗΔΙΚΑ e-ticket application, you can top it up with free tickets for the next 30 days at any ticket machine, at any station. You will need to insert your card in the machine and choose the “Subsidy” option (“Epidothsh” in Greek). The machine should automatically recognize that your card is eligible for the free rides option and will top up your card after a few minutes. You will have to repeat this step every 30 days. You can top up the card, for as long as your unemployment document is valid.

Since ticket checkpoints have also increased in recent months, there is a high chance of getting caught and fined if you use transportation without buying a ticket.

However, IF A PERSON HAS A VALID UNEMPLOYMENT DOCUMENT, THERE IS AN OPTION TO CANCEL Α FINE, by getting a paper from OAED and presenting it to the relative authorities, at the address provided at the back of the fine ticket.