*The following process also applies to Ukrainian nationals that haven’t obtained the Temporary Protection status and have been granted international protection

You can use this article to learn more about the Residence Permit in Greece, including:

  • How can you apply for a Residence Permit

  • What documents will you need
  • Information about Residence Permit card

Residence Permit card

Your Residence Permit does not give you the right to Travel outside of Greece

With a Residence Permit, you have the right to:

How you can apply for a Residence Permit for the first time - the procedure

You can apply for a Residence Permit when granted refugee status or subsidiary protection in Greece. You can apply right away. The procedure for issuing a residence permit (for a recognized refugee or beneficiary of subsidiary protection) is as follows:

As soon as you are recognized with the status of a refugee or beneficiary of a subsidiary, you will receive the decision to issue an ADET (residence permit). As a rule, the decision to issue an ADET will be given to you simultaneously with your international protection decision. If that does not happen, you should regularly ask the Regional Asylum Office responsible for your case.

  • If you live in Thessaloniki, you will receive it immediately.
  • If you are on the islands, the ADET decision will possibly be delivered along with the international protection decision. You should regularly ask at the Regional Asylum Office of the island in any other case.
  • Suppose you have been transferred to another area, and the Regional Asylum Office close to you is other than the one that issued the recognition decision. In that case, you should book an appointment via the webpage of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum at the nearest Regional Asylum Office to the place of your residence.

Once you receive the decision to issue a residence permit from the Regional Asylum Office, you must make an appointment with the police department.

During your appointment, you will give the following:

  • your fingerprints
  • one passport photo
  • a solemn declaration stating your current address
  • the above decision to issue a residence permit
  • a photocopy of the asylum card

You must have your (valid at the time of the appointment) international protection applicant’s card with you and demonstrate it to the Police. It might also be useful to have your appointment with the Police printed in case you live in Attica.

Then you will have to wait 3-4 months for the residence permit to be issued, which you will receive from the Regional Asylum Office responsible for your case. You can also check if your residence permit is ready - if you are to receive it from RAO Athens- online at the asylum service site

A Residence Permit:

  • It is valid for three years if you are granted refugee status.
  • It is valid for one year if you are granted subsidiary protection.

The residence permit duration is indicated in the decision to issue ADET.

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