For Ukrainians eligible for the Temporary Protection status, you can find here information and options for your accommodation. 
In Greece, there are the below types of accommodation according to your status:
  • Accommodation facilities by the Greek Government, in camps (Elefsina in Attica regions, and Serres in Northern Greece).
  • Apartments with financial support for recognized refugees via HELIOS Program.
  • Private apartments


There is the possibility of short-term accommodation in the open structure of Sintiki for those who wish until the process of issuing travel documents, where required, is completed.
Those who wish to be accommodated for a longer period may submit a request to:
The Ministry of Migration and Asylum will provide you with accommodation immediately in available accommodation structures.
At camps, you can usually find:
  • Health care
  • Social services
  • Education activities
  • Child protection programs
  • Women’s programs
  • Hygiene programs
  • Translation services
  • Legal advice services

HELIOS accommodation scheme

The program refers ONLY to beneficiaries who are obtained Temporary Protection Status.
To enroll in the HELIOS project, beneficiaries must meet ALL the following criteria:
  • Be a beneficiary of international protection (recognized refugee or beneficiary of temporary protection).
  • Have been recognized as a beneficiary of international protection after 01/01/2018.
  • Have an active AFM (tax number) and AMKA (social security number). 
If you get a place in the HELIOS accommodation scheme, you will receive information, assistance and financial support aiming to make you’re your family independent
Specifically, HELIOS will support you in finding an apartment and entering into a lease agreement in their name directly with the apartment owner. This includes support in the procedures and requirements for renting an apartment in Greece.
The duration of each lease is a matter of agreement between the beneficiary and the apartment owner (e.g. the lease agreement can have a duration of one, two or three years or any duration agreed between you and the owner of the apartment). However, only lease agreements with a duration of more than 6 months will be accepted to receive support from the HELIOS program.
In addition, the duration of the lease agreement should cover all the periods for which you are entitled to receive HELIOS rental subsidies. You are strongly encouraged to consider cohabitation to share the cost of the rent and all related expenses with friends or relatives. Note that if you have received or are receiving rental subsidies from other projects, you cannot receive rental subsidies by HELIOS.
Also, remember that as soon as you receive the first disbursement of the HELIOS rental subsidies, you immediately have to leave your accommodation place and move to your newly-leased apartment.
Find here more information about the process in Ukrainian-English-Greek.
Registration and additional information:
You can also get additional information and register by phone:
+30 6909868980 (in English, Ukrainian and Greek) ONLY by sending a message through WhatsApp or Telegram (Monday-Friday 9:00-15:00).
There is also an opportunity to register at the centers of the International Organization for Migration (Monday-Friday 9:30-16:30) at the addresses:
  • Alkminis 36-38, Kato Petralona, Athens
  • Kolokynthous 23, Metaxourgeio, Athens
  • Aristotelous 11-15, 10432, Athens 
  • 25th Martiou 7, Tavros, Athens
  • Τsorlini 26, Thessaloniki
  • Ptolemaion 29A, Thessaloniki
  • Nikolaou Germanou 1, Thessaloniki
  • Olympiados 24, Kardamitsia, Ioannina
  • Nikolaou Plastira 4, Chania, Crete
  • Andrea Papandreou 107, Amoudara, Heraklion, Crete
  • Piskokefalou KEGE (P.O Code: 71202), Sitia, Crete
  • Sokratous 111, Larissa
  • Chaironeias 39, Livadeia
  • Moskof 8, Kilkis 
  • Androutsou 30, Katerini
  • Alexandrou Soutsou 2Α, Tripoli 

Private apartments

You can rent an apartment on your own or stay in an apartment a friend rents for you without losing any of your rights as an asylum-seeker or refugee in Greece.
To rent an apartment on your own, you must sign a house contract. To do that, you will need a tax number (AFM) and your TAXISnet codes since the whole procedure has to be completed online through the TAXISnet platform.