This article provides general information on how to get a driver's license for a car or motorbike. However, please note that there is no clear guidance by the Ministry if the Temporary Protection holders can get a driving licence. The RI team will closely monitor updates.

Read this article to find more information if you have a Ukranian driving licence or crossed the borders by car. 

Can I get a Greek driving license with temporary protection in Greece?

Unfortunately, there is no clear guidance on this issue, but the RI team will closely monitor updates.

I have come to Greece by car. How long can I move freely without paying tolls or road fees? 

  • After your entry into the country, you may move freely with your vehicle for six months. However, during this period, you need to take the necessary actions for the procedure of extension.
  • Ukrainian citizens who have temporary residence in Greece and are beneficiaries of temporary protection have the right to request the circulation of their vehicles beyond the initial six-month period by lodging an application to the competent customs authorities of their place of residence in Greece. If the application is approved, your vehicle's circulation period might be extended for one year or even longer. 
  • Circulation taxes must be paid for the period of the vehicles' circulation. If the vehicles bear plates of regular series, the payment of circulation taxes is obligatory for the period of residence in Greece after the initial six months upon their entrance into the country. On the contrary, if the vehicles bear plates of provisional series, they must pay circulation taxes every month. 

Is my driver's license valid and accepted in Greece?

Driving licenses issued in Ukraine are accepted for driving throughout Greece (Greece and Ukraine are parties to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic). This subject is regulated by EU Regulation 2022/1280 of the European Parliament of July 18, 2022, which establishes specific and temporary measures, taking into account the war in Ukraine, about driving documents issued by Ukraine following its legislation.

I have a Ukrainian driving license and am granted temporary protection in the EU. Do I need to do anything with my driving license?

Driving licenses issued in Ukraine will be recognized in the EU for the entire period of temporary protection. In this context, no action is required. Under certain conditions, you can also prove your driving license with a digital license in the DiIA system.

I have a Ukrainian driving license and am granted temporary protection in the EU. My driver's license is old-style, in Cyrillic, and I cannot return to Ukraine to get an international driving permit (IDP). What can I do?

You do not need an international driving license or certified translation for the duration of temporary protection. It is enough to have a Ukrainian driver's license with you. However, law enforcement agencies may require an additional document to confirm the holder's identity.

Will I be provided with car insurance? 

As far as car insurance is concerned, free insurance is not provided by the Greek state. Insurance is necessary to enter the status of temporary admission and for the circulation of vehicles in our country. There is the possibility of either getting international insurance or issuing temporary Greek license plates by the Customs office to get insurance from a Greek company. 

About Public transportation 

Athens public transport serves cities and suburbs and consists of:

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  • A long-distance bus network connects Athens to other cities in Greece.

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