Congratulations on your new baby! You will need to register your new family member with Greek Birth Registry Office and with the Asylum Service.

Step 1: Registering the birth in Greece

To register a birth in Greece, visit the Registry Office at the municipality where the baby was born and ask to register him or her. You have 10 days after the birth to do this.

The birth can be registered by:

  • The mother or the father
  • The delivering doctor or midwife
  • Someone the mother asks to represent her at the Registry Office (This person must bring an official document signed in front of an attorney saying they can represent the mother.)

The Registry Office will give you a Birth Registration Certificate. Keep it safe and make copies. You will need them in the future.

The same day you are registering the birth of the child, you can also declare its name. In order to do so, both parents have to be present before the Registry Office. In case one parent cannot be present, he/she should give a solemn declaration to the other parent that states the name of the child. This solemn declaration has to be stamped for the authenticity of the signature before a KEP officer or a police officer.

Birth Certificate

What to bring

The documents you need to bring to the Registry Office are: * A birth certificate. This is issued at the hospital or the clinic where you gave birth. The hospital, the obstetrician and a parent should sign this document. Make a couple of copies before you submit this document to the Registry Office. * Your Pre-Registration Card, Full Registration Card or Residence Permit and other ID documents. * A proof of marriage or a family record certificate. If you don’t have any of these documents, you can use family members' ID documents to prove family ties. * Your PAAYPA or AMKA number and your AFM number. If you don’t have an AMKA or PAAYPA or AFM, you can sign a declaration that you don’t have an AMKA or PAAYPA or AFM, using this form (in Greek).

Note: In case you do not speak Greek, you should have a translator with you or someone who speaks Greek in order to assist you with the registration.

What if I miss the deadline?

There are fines involved if you delay registering your newborn. If you are between 11 and 100 days late, the fine is €100. For delays longer than 100 days, the fine is €300.

What if the birth didn’t take place in a hospital or a clinic?

You will still need a birth certificate, signed by the doctor and the midwife who delivered the baby. In that case, if an ambulance was called after the delivery to take the mother and the newborn to the hospital, you will need a certificate from EKAV about this fact.

Will my child born in Greece obtain Greek citizenship?

No. Currently Greek law doesn’t allow a child who was born in Greece to take Greek citizenship only based on the reason it was born in Greece.

Step 2: Registering at the Asylum Service

You also need to register your child with the Greek Asylum Service as soon as possible.

Both parents need to go to the Asylum Service office closest to where they live and submit an asylum application for the newborn baby, ensuring the baby's asylum case number is linked with his or her parents.

If only one parent is in Greece, that parent can submit this application alone. Otherwise, both parents need to be present.

What to bring

  • The original Birth Registration Certificate
  • Both parents’ Pre-Registration Card, Full Registration Card or Residence Permit and other ID documents