Citizens' Service Centers, known as KEP (Greek: Κέντρο Εξυπηρέτησης Πολιτών, ΚΕΠ), have been established to reduce bureaucracy on public services for citizens. The role of KEP is to be the direct point of contact between the public and government services.

Services Offered:

KEP offers a range of services to simplify citizen transactions. These include:

  1. Certificate of signature authenticity such as an identity card, passport, driver's license, or medical booklet.
  2. Certificate of copy for public or private documents
  3. Physical identification for digital authentication

Locating a Citizen Service Center-KEP:

There are two ways to locate a KEP office in your area:

  1. Online Search: Search online using the name of your municipality or the desired area you want to visit and the term "ΚΕΠ" to find the closest KEP office.
  2. KEP Map: Use the KEP map of Greece available on the KEP Website. By selecting the prefecture and municipality of interest, you can access information such as KEP code, address, postal code (T.K.), telephone, fax, and email. Note: The KEP map is in Greek. Feel free to message us if you need help navigating the map.

Operating Hours - Online Service:

It's important to note that opening hours may vary among KEP offices. Some may require appointments in advance. 


As the online platforms are in Greek, we advice you to call before your visit to confirm the specific operating hours and details for the KEP office you plan to visit.