new card registration triptych

The Registration Card is also called the "International protection applicant card". It is the document that proves that a person is an asylum seeker with a case number in Greece (either waiting for their main asylum interview or waiting for the decision of their asylum application). People also referred to it as Asylum card, White card, Tri-fold, or Ausweis (svais).

During the last few months, the Greek Government has started the process to replace the old format of the asylum seekers cards with the new ones that will be like the picture below and called "smart Cards" or in Greek ", Δ.Α.Δ.Π".

It is reminded that the new Ιnternational Protection Applicant's Card, in the form of a smart card that will replace the old ones (triptychs), is issued with a built-in microprocessor and with electronic registration and renewal. They will also include a unique number (UID), which is not modifiable and is related to a fingerprint. At the same time, the competent authorities of issuance and issuance will keep an electronic file.

Asylum seeker’s card / Smart Card (Δ.Α.Δ.Π)

Your asylum seeker’s card has the following:

  1. A case number
  2. The duration of the validity of your card (indicated in the "Issue Validity" box) so as to know when you will need to renew it.
  3. Social Security and Medical Care Number (ΠΑΑΥΠΑ)

Important Notes:

  • You will receive a separate document that indicates the date of your asylum interview.
  • The cards indicate whether the cardholder has a geographical restriction at the bottom. For example, if you are on Lesvos and have geographical restriction, the word “Lesvos" will be mentioned in the section "Geographical restriction".
  • The "Issue-Validity" section indicates how long your card is valid. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS WHEN THE CARD NEEDS TO BE RENEWED!
  • Renewal every "number of months": every 6 months and sometimes every 1 month. This is mentioned on the asylum card and starts in advance the renewal application.

Your rights with Asylum Seeker’s smart card

Your asylum seeker’s card/smart card does not give you the right to:

  • Travel outside Greece
  • Bring family members to Greece

After your Registration appointment, you must stay in Greece. You must carry your asylum seeker’s card with you at all times.


Ask a legal aid organisation for advice if you have questions about your specific case.

During the interview:

Do not withhold any information or documents. At any other interviews you have, the information you provide at the Full Registration interview will be available to the person in charge of your file.