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Last updated: 3/27/2024


Municipal Clinics – Directorate of Municipal Clinics and Public Health

The Municipal Clinics of the City of Athens as a body of Education & Promotion of Health provide to all citizens (including people who are uninsured or “undocumented”) a package of basic health and social solidarity services that includes:

  • Health Services that do not require hospitalization
  • The assessment of citizens’ health needs, the planning and implementation of measures for disease prevention and health promotion
  • Primary Dental Care
  • Post-hospital Care and Rehabilitation
  • Patient Chronic Surveillance under certain conditions
  • Issuance of the individual health card of the students by the Municipal Clinics
  • Issuance of medical certificates under conditions

The Microbiological Laboratories provide the following laboratory tests free of charge to uninsured citizens and residents:

General Blood Analysis- General Urine – TKE – Cholesterol – Triglycerides – Urea – Uric Acid – Sugars


1) free pap test and

2) free anonymous and painless HIV test.

Free HIV test at the 1st Multifunctional Municipal Clinic, the 5th Municipal Clinic and the 6th Multifunctional Municipal Clinic. The test is provided in collaboration with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and is performed with the most reliable rapid HIV test technology. The test is highly accurate (99%) and requires a single drop of blood to be taken from the finger. The examinees receive the results at the same time, while counseling services are provided both before and after the examination.

The rapid HIV test is provided anonymously: 

  • every Tuesday and Thursday, 09: 00 –13: 00 without an appointment at the 1st and 5th Municipal Clinic and
  • every Monday and Thursday, 10:00 – 15.00 without an appointment at the 6th Municipal Clinic.

Find here the weekly program per doctor and per specialty: https://iatreia.cityofathens.gr/polydynama-kentra/

Opening Hours

08:00 - 20:00
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Solonos [ΣΟΛΩΝΟΣ] 78, Athens