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Last updated: 7/11/2024


The Migrant Integration Centers - M.I.C. (Κέντρο Ένταξης Μεταναστών - ΚΕΜ) provide information, service and counseling to third-country nationals with regards to social integration and social networking issues.

Recipients of M.I.C. services:

- Third-country nationals who lawfully reside in Greece

- Beneficiaries of international protection (holders of ADET residence permit)

- Applicants of asylum (holders of an Applicant’s Card)

M.I.C. provide information, service and counseling

- M.I.C. provide legal information to third country nationals with regards to issues that concern them pertaining to their lawful residence in the country (e.g., residence permits, refugee identification cards, issue of “AMKA” social security number, etc.).

- Offer social and psychological support, especially to vulnerable groups of third-country nationals (e.g., females, children, etc.).

- Support the education of children of third-country nationals. They also provide information on adult language courses offered within municipality areas.

- Raise awareness in local communities with regards to diversity and social issues such as xenophobia, racism, and human trafficking.

- Promote volunteerism.

- Support the participation of third-country nationals in groups, associations, and intercultural organizations.

- Network with other M.I.C., services or bodies that conduct social integration activities.

The personnel of M.I.C. consists of:

- Intercultural Mediators who are familiar with the language and ethnic or cultural characteristics of migrant and refugee communities.

- Social workers, with expertise in migrants or minorities or socially excluded individuals.

- Legal advisors, with expertise in migrant or labor law.

- Psychologists, trained in post-traumatic stress disorders and in catering to the needs of vulnerable individuals (e.g., women, children, special needs individuals, etc.).

Additional Information

Bring your ID, asylum card, passport, or residence permit and your AMKA.

Opening Hours

08:00 - 16:00
08:00 - 16:00
08:00 - 16:00
08:00 - 16:00
08:00 - 16:00


end Makariou street [ΤΕΡΜΑ ΟΔΟΥ ΜΑΚΑΡΙΟΥ], Thiva, Zip code 32200