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Last updated: 8/10/2023


We train the community with skills that they could take along wherever they find themselves. These skills will have them to be independent wherever they are even without the help of any organization or any assistance from anybody.

We do 3-months trainings like: 

- massage workshop

- handyman workshop

- tailoring workshop

- hairdressing workshop.

After the 3 months, there will be an evaluation with the members and if there is a need, the program will extend for 3 months.

Certification provided after the completion of each workshop.

Contact Lionel at + 30 698 054 4453 to register for the workshops.

Languages spoken: English, French, Farsi/Dari, Arabic

Accessibility & Additional Information

- This service is closed on public holidays: YES

- Is an appointment required: YES (Contact Lionel at +30 698 054 4453 or drop by our offices at Konstantinou Palaiologou 8, Athens -Ring doorbell)

- Eligibility for services: 18+, LGBTQIA+

- Is anyone on your team able to communicate in sign language: NO

- The entrance to this location has a ramp: NO

- This location has an elevator: NO

- This location has female staff: YES

- This location has separate bathrooms for men and women: YES

- All services listed here are free of charge: YES


Kallidromiou 79