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Last updated: 2/16/2024


Ref Checkpoint is a project of the Greek Association of People Living with HIV - Positive Voice.

The center aims to fill the gap in the needs of mobile populations as they arise from the field, in which we have been active for many years in terms of prevention and promotion of sexual health.

The significant difficulties faced by moving populations in accessing health services (prevention, screening and linkage to health facilities) and the lack of modern, inclusive sexual health informative materials in their language, created the need to intervene with a new initiative that would respond to the needs of these communities. Ref Checkpoint aims to overcome intercultural barriers in counseling beyond language, and provide accessibility to free testing and counseling - without stigma and discrimination.

Testing, counseling and linkage services will be provided in 9 languages: Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Dari, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and English. An appointment is not needed, as it is a drop-in center; however, it is necessary to check the availability (day/time) in the respective language on our website. 

Visit and then choose your native language from the menu and check when the next available time slot for testing in the specific language is.

In case of a reactive test result, we take on the accompaniment and the linkage to the Health System as well as the issuance of the necessary documents with the assistance of our social worker.

The team of counselors is made up of members of the communities we are targeting and will serve each person in their native language, in a friendly environment in the center of Athens.

Languages spoken: Greek, English, French, Farsi/Dari, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

Accessibility & Additional Information

  • This service is closed on public holidays: YES
  • Is an appointment required: NO
  • Is anyone on the team able to communicate in sign language? NO
  • This location has female staff: YES
  • This location has separate bathrooms for men and women: YES
  • All Services Listed Are Free of Charge: YES


Michail Voda 200, Athens

Postal Code 10446

Opening Hours

16:00 - 20:00
16:00 - 20:00
10:00 - 14:00


Michail Voda [ΜΙΧΑΗΛ ΒΟΔΑ] 200, Athens