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Last updated: 7/12/2024


The Culture Lab welcomes children, parents and volunteers every day in its welcoming space at Alkamenous 11b Street. In the Culture Lab, children participate in creative activity groups, learning support classes, art workshops and visits to theatrical performances and other cultural places.

Almost a hundred children systematically participated in the activities of the Culture Lab. The children come from many different countries. Through role-play activities, group games, songs and rich audiovisual material all children are given the opportunity to learn their basic children’s rights. Through interdisciplinary actions, the defense and the claim of their rights are highlighted.

We have the pleasure of having stable and active volunteers, supporting and inspiring learning support groups and creative groups. Through creative groups and learning support groups, children develop their creativity, enhance their autonomy and develop their language system.

The Culture Lab hosts educational programs for school classes and other groups of children and aims to inform and raise awareness about their rights.

In 2019, the Notebook of Rights was created with the title “Do not forget… My Rights” in collaboration with Metaichmio Publications. On this occasion, a creative workshop was held with Iris Samartzi, from which the illustration of the notebook emerged. In 2020, in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Publications, the “Alphabet of Life” was published, a children’s book written in three languages: Greek, Arabic and Farsi. It is an alphabet book, a large punctuation mark from A to Z, which corresponds to each letter of the Greek alphabet a global environmental issue. This edition is the result of workshops conducted by Eleni Svoronou.

The Culture Lab operates the Children’s Lending Library, which includes 8000 titles of children’s and adolescent’s books, including foreign and bilingual books. As part of the Library’s activities, many authors visit and carry out activities with their books and literacy groups for children are implemented, with a variety of topics.

The activities of the Culture Lab are part of the TEBA program funded by the Municipality of Athens.

The Children’s Lending Library operates with the support of the A. G. Leventis Foundation.

You can find the weekly program here.

Languages spoken: Greek, English

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