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Last updated: 7/12/2024


Third-country and stateless individuals who enter the country illegally are placed in Reception and Identification Centers (R.I.C.) where they temporarily reside until they undergo procedures of reception and identification and to submit application for international protection (asylum).

In the R.I.C.s incoming citizens of third countries or stateless persons are in a state of restriction in order to undergo the reception and identification procedures, with a maximum of twenty-five (25) days, from their entry into the R.I.C.

New arrivals through the islands are also subject to restrictions of free movement within the island, facilitating the implementation of the EU-Turkey Joint Agreement.

In R.I.C. and Closed Controlled Access Centers (C.C.A.C.) there are conditions in place to ensure that residents are protected physically, legally and emotionally.

All third country nationals or stateless persons subject to reception and identification procedures and residing in RIC shall be provided with food, accommodation, medical care, security, proper sanitary conditions, clothing, footwear and personal hygiene items

In each stage of the reception and identification procedures, a third country national or stateless person may express his/her willingness to lodge an application for international protection.

Once the reception and identification procedures are completed, the recently arrived third country nationals are transferred from the R.I.C.. to inland facilities. Then they are referred to the competent Regional Asylum Office or Asylum Unit, if they have expressed a wish to submit an application for international protection or are referred to the competent authorities for readmission or return or deportation in the event of not wishing to submit an application of international protection.

You can find more information on the procedure HERE.


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