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The Smile of the Child

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Last updated: 8/10/2023


“The Smile of the Child’s” specialized team supports children and families living in poverty or threatened by poverty. 

The services are provided free-of-charge, nationwide and cover in a holistic way the needs of every child.

Each family is different and our support adapts according to the needs.

Our goal is to make the family stand on ins own feet again and operate without any support. 

The services are provided to all children in Greece, regardless of ethnicity and religion.

The Smile of the Child team provides:

  • Daycare Homes

“The Smile of the Child” implements the actions of the “Daycare Homes” with the aim to provide care to children and their families with serious problems in their functionality. These difficulties may be due to social, financial or serious health problems of the parents and as a consequence these families are not able to ensure the necessary for their children.  

  • Support Centers for Children and Families

“The Smile of the Child” operates 14 Support Centers nationwide, a Center of Management and Distribution of Products in the area of Rentis (Ο.Κ.Α.Α) in Athens and a Center of Distribution of Products in Nea Makri (Attica). Our social workers at the Support Centers provide everything necessary to families in terms of material, social and counseling support so they can stand up again on their own feet with dignity. 

Call 1056 to connect to local support centers 


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