15900 – SOS HELP LINE for women survivor of violence

General Secretariat for Gender Equality (G.S.G.E.)

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Last updated: 4/2/2024


15900 – 24 Hours "SOS HELP LINE" for women experiencing gender-based violence

Calling hours for Arabic, Farsi, Ukrainian & Russian:

Arabic: Monday and Thursday 9:00-11.00

Farsi: Tuesday and Friday 9:00-11.00

Ukrainian & Russian: Monday-Friday 14:00-16:00

The SOS Hotline 15900 (calling is free) is a national service that enables women victims of violence or third parties to communicate directly with a gender-based violence agency. The line is staffed by psychologists and sociologists who provide immediate assistance to emergencies and violence on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year. At the same time there is a possibility of electronic communication of women through the e-mail address: sos15900@isotita.gr .

Aimed at women:

  • suffering physical abuse
  • suffering psychological, emotional or verbal violence
  • suffering economic violence
  • who have been raped or attempted rape
  • who have been victims of prostitution or trafficking
  • who have been sexually harassed at work, in a social setting, in the family

Also Aimed for:

  • citizens and organizations in order to raise awareness of issues related to the prevention and response to violence against women
  • Information on gender equality issues.
  • Psychosocial counseling in cases that require immediate psychological and social support and are related to violence against women.
  • Referral of incidents to shelters, Violence Counseling Centers, Health Services, and other collaborating bodies.

Specialized consultants provide:

  • specialized counseling services, demonstrating emotional understanding and offering relief to women.
  • keep the confidentiality of the consultation and inform the participant that the rules of confidentiality are observed.
  • encourage women to come out of isolation, to understand that they are not alone and that they are not responsible for the violence they suffer
  • The purpose of the services provided is to empower women and restore their self-esteem so that they can take responsibility for their professional, personal and family life and make the best decisions for their own future.

Additional Information

General Secretariat for Gender Equality (G.S.G.E.) operates Counseling Centers providing FREE information and counseling services to women who turn to them The Counseling Centers provide services:

  • information and information
  • social, psychological, legal and employment support
  • referral or escort
  • legal aid


Consulting Center Athens

Address: Nikis 11, Syntagma

Telephone: 00302103317305 and 00302103317306

e-mail: isotita4@otenet.gr

Multicenter Consulting Center Athens

Address: Kratinou 11-13, Omonoia (2nd Floor)

Telephone: 00302105202800

e-mail: polykentro@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Ioannina

Address: Marikas Kotopouli 68, Ioannina

Telephone: 00302651077449

e-mail: ioannina@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Heraklion Crete

Address : Stenimachou 3, Heraklion

Telephone: 00302810341387

e-mail: irakleio@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Thessaloniki

Address: Alexandroupoleos 10 (city's west entrance), Thessaloniki

Telephone: 00302310528984 and 00302310528988

e-mail: thessaloniki@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Corfu

Address : National Road Palaiokastritsas 7, Corfu

Telephone: 00302661047396

e-mail: kerkyra@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Kozani

Address: I. Makrigianni 22, Kozani

Telephone: 00302461049672

e-mail: kozani@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Komotini

Address: Konstantinou Paleologou (Market Hall), Komotini

Telephone: 00302531033290

e-mail: komotini@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Lamia

Address: Leonidou 9-11, Lamia

Telephone: 00302231020059

e-mail: lamia@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Larisa

Address : Galinou 4, Larisa

Telephone: 00302410535840

e-mail: larisa@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Lesbos - Mytilene

Address : Papadiamanti 2, Mytilene

Telephone: 00302251034470

e-mail: mytilini@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Patra

Address: Kanakari 101B, Patra

Telephone: 00302610620059

e-mail: patra@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Athens – Piraeus

Address: Ethnarchou Makariou Avenue, Neo Faliro (inside the Peace and Friendship Stadium, Ground floor - journalist's entrance)

Telephone: 00302104828970 and 00302104825372

e-mail: peiraias@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Syros

Address: Folegandrou 2, Ermoupoli

Telephone: 00302281076496

e-mail: ermoupoli@isotita.gr

Consulting Center Tripoli

Address: New Market Hall Square, Tripoli

Telephone: 00302710241814

e-mail: tripoli@isotita.gr