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Last updated: 7/12/2024


Greek Council for Refugees will be accepting requests via GCR Helpline, telephone lines that you can call or text your requests for legal aid and psychosocial support.

You can call directly the cellphone numbers that are provided in the tables below according to your location and your mother tongue, and will be bring you in touch with a lawyer or a social worker the soonest possible.

When you are expressing your request you need to clarify the following:

1) In which part of Greece you are located

2) What is your request (what kind of help you need)

3) In which language you wish to communicate

The means of communication are the following:

1) You can call us directly to the mobile numbers

2) You can call us via the applications Viber and WhatsApp

3) You can text us via the applications Viber και WhatsApp

ATTICA REGIONMonday 9:00-16:00


Arabic - 00306936543493

Farsi / Dari - 00306907035832

Lingala / French00306948065771

Kurmanji / Sorani - 00306907035845

Turkish - 00306936543491


THESSALONIKI REGION Monday till Friday 9:00-16:00


Arabic - 00306936543485

Farsi / Dari - 00306936543501

Somali - 00306936543431


LESVOS ISLAND Monday till Friday 9:00-16:00


Farsi / Dari - 00306936543501


GCR Helpline: https://www.gcr.gr/el/news/press-releases-announcements/item/1677-gcr-helpline