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Last updated: 8/10/2023


Taxis (yellow in Athens, while other colors are preferred elsewhere in Greece) can be a more convenient -although pricier- mean of transportation. While many taxi drivers are excellent professionals, it is believed that some of them try to gain more by opting for the longest route when their passenger (Greek or non Greek) is not familiar with their destination.

Taxi drivers in Athens are required by law to always use a taximeter and issue a receipt at the end of the journey. You can remind your driver to do so in case they don’t turn on their taximeter. There is also an official list of fares and surcharges they must follow. On the islands and elsewhere around Greece, fares are usually subject to agreement at the beginning of the journey.

For Athens and Thessaloniki it is suggested to use Beat application (formerly Taxibeat). Beat is an app-based yellow taxi service which finds your location, gives you choice of taxis and offers the options of paying in cash, by card, or using a Paypal account. Download for Android or iOS

Radio taxis are another option if you don’t feel like hitting the pavement to hail a cab, or if you want to ask for a specific pick-up time and date. Call them for a cab or pre-book online.

Radio taxis:

Kosmos: Website / Tel. 18300

Ikaros: Website / Tel. +30 210 515 2800

Enotita: Website / Tel. 18388

Taxiplon: Website / Tel. 18222