Psychosocial support for patients with COVID-19


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Last updated: 11/6/2023


If you or someone close to you is infected with COVID-19, or if you feel overwhelmed by the risk of Covid-19 because you are experiencing other health problems, it is likely that you might suffer not only physically but also mentally.

It is reasonable to feel:

Fear and anxiety.

It is quite common to feel anxiety and fear for yourself or to worry about your loved ones regarding the possible manifestation of the disease and its transmission, as well as regarding the severity of the disease and how it could develop.

Anger and irritability.

Being isolated or in quarantine, yourself or your loved ones, can lead to feelings of tension and irritability. In some cases, you may also feel angry with the medical services that forced you into quarantine or with other people if you think you have been exposed to the virus due to someone else's negligence.


If someone is infected with SARS-CoV-2 or has been exposed to the virus, she/he may feel stigmatized by people who are afraid they will get infected from her/him. Additionally, the family members of a person who is infected with COVID-19 could be experiencing the same.


If you feel fear, anxiety, sadness or irritability and these negative feelings persist or worsen, or if you suffer from difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, panic attacks, it may help to talk to a mental health professional.


At Babel Day Center, psychologists with the help of interpreters can speak with you in English, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Arabic, Kurmanji, Lingala, Dari and Farsi, and in other languages.

At Babel Day Center we might be able to help you. Our psychosocial support service aims to give tools to better manage the psychological burdens of the pandemic. 

If you want to talk to us send a message:

  • By email at
  • Call at 210-8616266 & 210-8616280 (Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 17:00)

and we will contact you.



72, I. Drosopoulou st., 112 57 Athens 


72, I. Drosopoulou st., 112 57 Athens