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Last updated: 4/22/2024


The Asylum Unit of Nikaia is based and operates in the premises of the Regional Asylum Office of Nikaia, at 196-198 Thivon Avenue, with the authority of:

(a) issuing decisions on applications for the provision of international protection that have been submitted by third-country nationals and stateless persons and are pending in the first instance of administrative proceedings before the competent Receiving and Examination Authorities, regardless of their local and material competence, and 

(b) the delivery of travel documents in accordance with par. 2 of article 2 of no. 10302/29-05-2020 (B΄ 2036) Joint Ministerial Decision "Procedure for granting travel documents to beneficiaries of refugee status, to beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, as well as to applicants for international protection".

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Thivon Αvenue [ΛΕΩΦΟΡΟΣ ΘΗΒΩΝ] 196-198, Ag. Ioannis Rentis, Postal Code 18233