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Last updated: 8/10/2023


The Community Psychosocial Workforce (CPW) consists of refugees and asylum seekers who are trained in various skills and tools, including Psychosocial First Aid (PFA), Problem Management Plus (PM+), and Peer Support Work (PSW). Their aim is to provide basic psychosocial support to other asylum seekers and refugees, in their native languages; Arabic, Farsi, French and Ukrainian/Russian. The Community Psychosocial Workers (CPWs) are supervised by trained mental health professionals (psychologists or social workers) and they are a bridge between the refugee communities and the professional mental health service providers.

Who do the CPWs provide services to?

The Community Psychosocial Workforce (CPW) provides services to adult refugees and asylum seekers who live in the urban setting of Attica and who:

  • suffer from mental illness,
  • suffer from emotional distress related to disability, social isolation, or other specific need,
  • are elderly and in need of psychosocial support,
  • belong to a vulnerable group in need of extra support to develop coping skills.

What do the CPWs do?

  • Assessment of psychological problems and identification of needs
  • Basic psychosocial support
  • Introduction and training on coping mechanisms for managing everyday problems
  • Social empowerment and assistance with navigating bureaucratic services
  • Co-facilitation of sessions between the local municipality and staff of NGOs who work in the refugee field
  • Referral and liaison to specialized services, if necessary

Where do the CPWs work?

  • CPWs visit beneficiaries at their house and sometimes hold individual or group sessions at community spaces or spaces of collaborating actors.
  • Due to the protection measures against covid-19, the services were offered remotely. However, given the lifting of the restrictions and the gradual return to normality, our services will also slowly return to normal, in-person meetings.
The program is implemented in partnership with UNHCR, co-funded by the European Union 

Additional Information

Access to service by referral - procedure info

How to be referred for CPW support? 

Please use this service by calling the EPAPSY Psychosocial Support (PSS) helpline for refugees/asylum-seekers in Greece Click ---> Here 

Important – For Social Service Providers to refer a beneficiary. 

Please fill in the referral from and send it via email, with the topic “Request for CPW”, to Mrs Sofia Gioftsidou, e-mail:

Opening Hours

11:00 - 19:00
11:00 - 19:00
11:00 - 19:00
11:00 - 19:00
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