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Last updated: 2/9/2024


Every day, people who find it difficult to buy their own medicines and health products (orthopedics and walking aids, parapharmaceuticals and sanitary material, medical devices, consumables) are forced to look if such products are available in municipal social pharmacies or non-profit organizations. Through the MEDforU service, we strive to put an end to this time-consuming process by immediately informing everyone about the availability of the medicines and health products they need.

For individuals with access to mobile devices or computers, GIVMED developed the MEDforU application ( for Android). Through the app, all individuals can search for medicines and health products they need, check availability in social pharmacies and be informed of what is the appropriate documentation in order to pick them up.

The MEDforU application is available in Arabic, Farsi, French, English, Greek and Ukrainian, it has provisions so as to be accessible for people with disabilities, and is provided for free. The user can state his medication and health product needs, when appropriate based on a prescription he/she already has, in two ways: 

  • Trade (commercial) name
  • Active substance and concentration

When he/she has completed registering all the needs, by clicking on "Complete Order" he/she can see the social pharmacies where the medicines and/or health products are available. The application, based on the needs that the user has registered, immediately and automatically recommends social pharmacies in which he can receive the medicine and/or health products he/she requested with the needed documentation.

Specifically, the user sees a list of all social pharmacies and by clicking on one of them he/she sees:

  • Social pharmacy details (name, address, telephone, opening hours)
  • Necessary supporting documents for taking medicines and/or health products
  • Details of medicines and health products available (medicinal and trade product name, active substance, quantity available, expiry date)

For more specific instructions check the tutorial video in English HERE.

For further information, you can call at +302103007222 between 10:00-17:00.

Additional Information

  • At the moment, most of the social pharmacies and non-profit organizations with availability in medicines are based in Attica.
  • Social pharmacies and non-profit organizations are closed on public holidays and weekends.
  • Communication in Greek and English.
  • The MEDforU app is available in Arabic, Farsi, French, English, Greek, Ukrainian.
  • The MEDforU service is free of charge.