Laundry washing - Piraeus

Last updated: 8/10/2023
Opening Hours
  • Monday: 10:00 - 14:00
AddressPiraeus Tower,,

Provision of laundry service

How it works?

Our mobile unit consists of two washing machines and two tumble dryers, while water and electricity are provided free of charge by partner organizations. Each wash lasts about 40′ and drying the clothes another 45′. Beneficiaries deliver their clothes at the start of the shift, where they receive a priority number by which they pick up their clothes at the end of the process. Our employees in the field and volunteers are responsible for the reception and proper service of the beneficiaries as well as for the smooth functioning of the overall operation.

Additional Information

Every Monday 10:00-14:00 at Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands (Mikalis 51, Piraeus).

Anyone can use this laundry service if they do not have access to other cleaning services.

You do not need to have an appointment.

Come to the location at the time shown on Ithaca Laundry’s weekly schedule: 

Bring your clothes during the first hour of the shift.

Please keep in mind that due to new regulations we accept 10-15 beneficiaries per shift.


Accessibility & Additional Information

  • This service is closed on public holidays: YES
  • Appointment required: NO
  • Communication in sign language: NO
  • The entrance to this location has a ramp: NO
  • This location has female staff: YES
  • All Services Listed Are Free of Charge: YES


Piraeus Tower,

Mykalis 51, Piraeus