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Last updated: 8/10/2023


Humanity Crew is an international aid organization specializing in the provision of first response mental health interventions to refugees and people in crises. We work to deploy mental health and psychosocial support to people in crisis zones in order to improve their wellbeing, to restore order in their lives, and to prevent further psychological escalation.

Their services can help you restore feeling in control over your life, reduce feelings of helplessness and uncertainty, and improve your well-being.

Services include: 

  • Online clinic (more information on
  • Expert workshops for refugees, mental health professionals, humanitarian aid workers, and volunteers. Online livestreaming conferences and videos through Facebook, on mental health in times of coronovirus via facebook in English and Arabic. Μental health support to refugees and aid workers (webinars, individual support or training) during the Covid-19 crisis. Contact Humanity Crew via email at Livestreaming and also available at: in 7 different languages, including Greek, French, Arabic and English.

Additional Information

Their team includes cultural mediators, who help with communication between Arabic-speakers and the mental health professionals.

Whatsapp Number: +972523092982 (Arabic, English, Spanish)

We also offer our services via an Online clinic, via phone call, or text messages.

Our location varies according to our mission. For more information, please contact

Please contact our crisis text line on WhatsApp: +34 631 87 00 43 (just send HELLO) and by tomorrow morning you will get the support





Our location varies according to our mission

For more information, please contact

Opening Hours

09:00 - 17:00
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Our location varies according to our mission, Athens