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Last updated: 12/2/2023


Infant and young child feeding

Breastfeeding is a crucially important means of enabling health and stability in an infant during a crisis. However, due to the indiscriminate distribution of breastmilk substitutes combined with many widely disseminated misconceptions about breastmilk, many mothers believe that formula feeding is best. These mothers unwittingly put their children at high risk and often need support to maintain breastfeeding.

The World Health Organization states that infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life with breastfeeding and complementary foods both given until two years of age or beyond. During a crisis, this is even more lifesaving than at other times.

We offer:

  • Antenatal/Postnatal care by qualified midwives
  • Infants breastfeeding and infant nutrition care by qualified lactation consultants
  • Gender-based violence support
  • Outreach services to refugee camps, other NGOs, private homes and urban settings for refugees and migrants
  • Educational support groups across all topics
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) training
  • Community services such as: referral pathways for specialised needs, education and support for integrating into a foreign culture, birth preparation in a Greek hospital, navigating the public health system and access to various other community services 
  • Online support to beneficiaries if they leave Greece or Athens (locally and internationally)
  • Distribution of various items such as baby kits, food, nappies/diapers, hygienic reusable menstrual pads and other essential items as available 
  • Art therapy 
  • Mother baby yoga - enhancing responsive parenting 
  • Community services
  • Integration services

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