Here you can find information for your arrival and registration in Greece.

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From which entry point and how can someone enter Greece? 

  • Holders of a Ukrainian biometric passport may enter through all entry points (ports, land borders, airports) with a maximum stay of 90 days. The National Police will stamp the passport with the date of entry.
  • Holders of a Ukrainian passport without biometric features (old type) may enter from all entry points; a visa, or a residence permit, or temporary protection is required for a maximum stay of 90 days. The National Police will stamp the passport with the date of entry.
  • Ukrainian citizens who do not carry travel documents or who have an expired passport may enter only from the Passport Control Department in Promachonas, where Ukrainian Embassy staff will issue a document. This procedure allows you to stay for a maximum of 90 days.

In case your children do not have travel documents, National Police officials will note the number of minors you are accompanying under the entry stamp on your passport. 

Important Note: In this case, you will have to show a certificate of marital status or your children's birth certificate. If you do not have either of these documents, you must complete and submit a solemn declaration stating the number of children, their first name, surname, gender, and 

date of birth.

My spouse holds a third-country passport. Is she eligible for the temporary protection?

Depending on nationality, your spouse might need a visa to enter Greece. You can check this beforehand with the Greek Consulate in your place of residence or the relevant list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

🔗 To see which categories of persons displaced from Ukraine are eligible for temporary protection, please check the Temporary Protection article.

Is there any time limit for me to stay in Greece?

Before you are granted the temporary protection status, the maximum stay from your initial crossing at a land or air border in Greece is 90 days. However, once you receive this status, Ukrainians are entitled to stay in Greece until the 4th of March 2025. This status also ensures your access to work and medical care. These provisions are in line with Directive 2001/55 of the Council of the European Union, which was incorporated into Greek law by Presidential Decree 80/2006. 

Important note: The extension date is not mentioned on the temporary protection residence permit, and no replacement of temporary protection residence permits with an indicated extension of validity is foreseen or provided by the competent service. If you are a Temporary Protection holder and face challenges due to the expiration date shown on your card, you can report this to tp-support@migration.gov.gr or ukraine@migration.gov.gr so that the competent offices can work on their resolution.

If I have recently arrived in Greece and 90 days have passed without me being granted temporary protection or asylum, will I be deported?

No. The Greek authorities will not deport Ukrainians. You can apply for temporary protection status before the expiration of 90 days from your entry to Greece (if you have entered from November 26th, 2021 and later).

Is the 90-day stay cumulatively calculated upon entry in any Schengen area country or each country separately?

The 90-day deadline applies only to the country where you are considered to reside. Therefore, it starts upon your entry into Greece and stops when you leave. Please note that this deadline expires once you apply for and receive temporary protection status. From that moment on, you will have the right to stay in Greece for at least one year.

Does the asylum service transport refugees from entry points?

No. The Greek authorities do not undertake the movement of displaced persons from the points of entry into the country.

I travel with my pet. Will I have a problem entering Greece?

The Greek authorities will ensure that you have every possible facility for the safe entry of your pets into the country. It would be helpful to show the animal health certificate.

What are my rights in case of a police check?

To know more about your rights in case of police control, please check our article  Police checks - what are your rights?


Visit our Service map to find services provided to Ukrainian nationals, such as health services, information and support services, legal services, educational services, women's, girls', and children’s services, etc. 

For your search, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. In the "Region" tab, you can choose your location area in Greece, such as Attica, Western Macedonia, Crete etc.
  2. In the "City" tab, you can choose your city in the region, such as Athens, Thessaloniki etc.
  3. In the "All Services" tab, you can choose among services such as community centers that provide activities free of charge, legal actors, languages classes for free, public hospitals and social and health services provided by NGOs.



You can also navigate on the map or choose the list view: 

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Please note that the Service Map provides information in English, but you can send us a message on Facebook to direct you to NGOs, service providers and public services according to your needs. 

Operation of Consulate Unit of the Embassy of Ukraine in Greece

Admission of citizens for consulate issues is carried out on a daily basis from 9:00 am to 13:00 pm. From September 21, the Embassy of Ukraine to the Hellenic Republic is open only by appointment. Pre-registration for a consular reception is carried out through the online registration form here. 

📌 Citizens of Ukraine who have been forced to leave the territory of Ukraine due to the war and require the urgent filing of documents, in particular:

  • Receiving certificates
  • Obtaining a foreign passport
  • Submission of data about children to a foreign passport
  • Consular registration
  • Issuance of an identity card for returning to Ukraine.

You do not need an appointment to deliver abroad a passport that has been issued in Ukraine. Find instructions here.

If you need further information, you can contact 

📞 210 68 56 172 (from 09:00 to 13:00); 210 68 00 230

📱 Hotline phone 6932 765606 (Only in case of a threat to the life or death of Ukrainian citizens) 

📧 consult_gr@mfa.government

Ministry of Migration and Asylum in Greece

Important contacts of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum in Greece for Ukrainian response

📧   ukraine@migration.gov.gr

For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum in Greece