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Updated at: 2021/12/13
The recognized National Helpline for children SOS 1056 is operated by «The Smile of the Child» and is available for every child and adult for the provision of support on issues of their concern.
The 1056 Helpline plays a key role in addressing situations of violence that children are faced with (Physical, Sexual & Psychological Abuse, Neglect, Bullying and Trafficking).
The 1056 Helpline is staffed exclusively by specialized Social Workers and Psychologists and is available throughout Greece on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Calls to the Helpline 1056 are free from landline and mobile telephones, no card is REQUIRED when calling from telephone booths, whereas calls from card phones do not require any telephone credits.
Through the Helpline SOS 1056, the following services are provided:
  • Registration of anonymous and named reports about children victims of abuse;
  • Immediate intervention for children who are at risk (direct intervention);
  • Activation of care procedures for children who have been abused and are in hospitals (transitional stage);
  • Handling of requests for abused children in the 10 Homes of the Organization;
  • Provision of guidance on every issue and interconnection with other services;
  • Mobilization of blood and blood platelet donors.
For the provision of the above-mentioned services, vehicles of Direct Intervention and Mobile Medical Units of Intensive Care for newborns and children are at the disposal of the Helpline 24 hours a day.
Emphasizing communication with children and adolescents, apart from the communication via a telephone call, children also have the possibility to “talk” to us via”: Email, Chat and Social Media.
Furthermore, the Helpline 1056 is interconnected with the 112 European Emergency Number and belongs to the Network of Child Helpline International (CHI).
Open 24/7.

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phone: 1056

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