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Updated at: 2021/09/06

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The Women in Crisis Leadership course is only available to women. Students will attend live weekly seminars that embrace topics such as gender and violence and women in work and business. Student embarking on the online courses of this programme will also benefit from weekly 1-1 mentoring to support them achieve their educational goals.
This programmes aims to equip women with the soft and hard skills needed to pursue a profession, and let them feel enabled to access opportunities and understand their rights.
The seminars are available for both Farsi and English speakers. Online courses are appropriate for intermediate English speakers.
Registered students are given access to hundreds of online courses via our partnership with Coursera for Refugees Program.
Languages spoken: English - Farsi/Dari
Address: Agiou Therapontos 6, Mytilini, 81100, LESVOS
and online
Address in Country Language: Aγιου Θεραποντος 6,
Μυτιλήνη 811 00
This service is closed on public holidays NO
Is an appointment required? Yes (phone, email, Facebook)
Eligibility for services: 16+ and must register on
Calling hours : 10am-8pm

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