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Updated at: 2023/02/22

In Mytilini, capital of the island our Welcome Office assists with bureaucratic steps into the Greek society (how to get a tax number, social insurance and unemployment card). Further we have an open consultation space and through networking with other actors we try to find solution for every individual where to find a lawyer, how to get into public schools, how to rent a flat, how to find a job etc. With our Welcome Office we wish to be a central point for refugees and locals to connect and support each other with dignity and respect. We provide:

  • Low level – easy access support for refugees – daily open office (Mondays to Fridays)
  • Support for integration (assist with getting a tax number, social insurance number, unemployment card etc.), copies of documents, filling in forms – all the bureaucratic paperwork besides the asylum case
  • Assisting with searching for a job
  • Assisting with finding an apartment
  • Supporting with specific needs of the beneficiaries (e.g. school enrolment of children or finding a football club to play etc.)
  • Encouraging setting up ideas of the community within the space e.g. starting a CV writing workshop – Greek language club

Our Team consists of 3 receptionists/social councellors with Lingala, Farsi, Greek and English speaking people assisting from 09:30 to 15:30 o Clock Mondays to Fridays. 

For Arabic and French we can work with appointments. 

  • No appointments needed in general, but preferable especially if you are an Arabic speaker – For appointment please call, email, or text in WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Number: +306948682962 - Greek, English, Arabic, Farsi
  • Phone Number: +302251021556 - Greek and English

Languages Spoken: Greek English, Farsi/Dari, Lingala


Aristarxou 15 , Mytilini

Opening Hours

Monday open from 09:30 AM to 03:30 PM

Tuesday open from 09:30 AM to 03:30 PM

Wednesday open from 09:30 AM to 03:30 PM

Thursday open from 09:30 AM to 03:30 PM

Friday open from 09:30 AM to 03:30 PM

Contact Information



phone: 302251021556


whatsapp: 306948682960


Kountouriotou 45, Lesvos


Address in local language

Αριστάρχου 15 , Μυτιλήνη

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