Updated at: 2021/01/14
  • Primary medical assistance
  • Diagnosis and treatment for basic conditions
  • Referrals and help booking appointments for specialized medical services, dental care, psychological support, and social services
  • Accompaniment and interpretation at appointments for services of the National Health System or NGOs (transportation is also available for urgent cases)
  • Translation and explanation of Greek medical documents/diagnoses from other medical service providers (National Health System or NGOs)
  • Medication, depending on availability (a prescription from a hospital or clinic is required)
  • Follow-up with patients
  • Health promotion courses and activities
You do not need to have an ID or AMKA to receive medical assistance.

Additional Information

You do not need an appointment to see the doctor.
It is best to come early to take a number, but the doctor will see the most urgent cases first.

The Medical Volunteers International mobile team visits several locations in Athens.

If you have a question (medical, general, or about volunteering), you can send a message to Medical Volunteers International on Facebook or via their website.



Contact Information

facebook_messenger: https://www.facebook.com/medicalvolunteersinternational/
website: https://medical-volunteers.org



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