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Updated at: 2023/02/14
BRF provides urgent medical care from our clinic inside RIC Mavrovouni Lesvos, 7 days a week from 17:00 – 00:00, and in the weekends from 10:00 – 00:00. 
Primary and Emergency Health care:
  • The doctors focus on treating new pains, wounds, and acute illnesses
  • There is also a psychologist present during these hours.
  • They are not able to treat chronic or long-term illnesses and cannot provide long-term medication (this you can find in the Central Traige in RIC Mavrovouni, next to BRF)
  • Emergency medical triage for acure cases in the camp during the shift hours.
Please note: BRF doctors do not perform the vulnerability assessment.
BRF organizes First Aid Training at Paréa Lesvos upon request and by appointment.
Psychological and Psychosocial Support
  • There is a psychologist present during the shift hours.
  • Individual (1-to-1) follow-up consulations by appointment at Paréa Lesvos on Tuesdays and Fridays 10:00-14:00. Languages covered: Farsi, French, Somali, English. 
RIC area

Opening Hours

Monday open from 17:00 to 00:00
Tuesday open from 17:00 to 00:00
Wednesday open from 17:00 to 00:00
Thursday open from 17:00 to 00:00
Friday open from 17:00 to 00:00
Saturday open from 10:00 to 00:00
Sunday open from 10:00 to 00:00

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Lesvos, Lesvos

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