You must show proof of address to get a:

Documents you can provide in order to prove your address are:

  • A house contract, if you are renting a house by yourself.
  • A homeless certificate, if you are homeless.
  • An electricity or water bill under your name.
  • If another person hosts you, then this person has to give you a photocopy of his/her house contract along with a solemn declaration that you are hosted in his/her house. You can find here this this official form. It is in Greek. You can see an English translation of the form here.

The person who is hosting you should do as follows:

  • If he/she doesn’t speak Greek or English, he/she should ask a Greek speaker to help him/her fill out the form.
  • He/she should not sign the form yet!
  • He/she should take the completed form to a KEP office or a police office in order to get a certification of his/her signature.
  • He/she should sign the form only in front of a KEP officer or police officer, who will certify the authenticity of his/her signature by putting an official stamp.