A big business starts small Richard Branson

Launching your own business is an exciting step! Do not let bureaucracy take this enthusiasm away!

Before getting into the process of opening your business, follow some important steps:

  • Find out all the details and options you have for the legal aspects and procedures for different types of corporations (private business, social enterprises etc.) to conclude which one is more suitable and advantageous to you.
  • Find out about the operating licenses based on your business idea. For example, a coffee shop or any shop offering food, needs specific procedures and licenses (e.g. civil engineer plan, a pre-qualification report from municipality, fire protection system, hygiene standards etc.)
  • Find a trustworthy accountant. He or she will be responsible for the financial operation of your business, keeping your books, control your financial obligations to the state etc.
  • Find a trustworthy lawyer. He or she will be responsible not only when launching your business, but while you run it, as an advisor on any legal aspects such as contracts with suppliers or investors.

In this link you will find a detailed guide on how you can set up your business in Greece.

Please seek advice from certified accountants and/or lawyers.