According to the current legislation, all public medical sectors are obliged to provide you with medical first aid support in case of emergency, even if you do not have PAAYPA or Social Security Number (AMKA). You have the right to medical services or medications you need, free of charge, at hospitals on duty daily.

Emergency numbers

  • Medical emergency: Call 112
  • Ambulance: Call 166

What if someone refuses to give me medical services?

If someone refuses your medical care, you can show them this official emergency guidance document. It proves you have a right to health services. The important parts are highlighted.

You can also show them the legal citation for the important parts of the official document, which is: "Circular no.A3γ/Γ.Π.οικ.39364 οf 31.05.2016 (Para. 13 & 15)."

How can I get a PAMKA (temporary social security) number?

The Greek authorities issue the temporary social security number ONLY for COVID vaccination. Persons who have never had a social security number (AMKA) or a temporary social security number for third-country nationals (PAAYPA) can issue PAMKA by visiting their nearest Citizens’ Service Centre (KEP), often by booking an appointment first. There, you can request the issuance of PAMKA, and you will have to show any document verifying your identity for the asylum procedure (such as police not, a non-valid asylum seeker’s card, medical card or interview transcript) and share your phone number, email address and address of residence. Your name, surname, date of birth, country of origin, and the names of your parents should be mentioned in the document.

The PAMKA number is issued immediately and is given to you with a document. Nevertheless, the period needed for it to enter into force varies depending on where you reside.

Remember that if you once had a temporary social security number for third-country nationals (PAAYPA), but your asylum application has been rejected, you can use the PAAYPA for the purposes of vaccination only, and you do not have to issue a PAMKA number. You can check if you have a PAAYPA number online here.

If I can’t get PAAYPA or AMKA, can I get medication for psychiatric health problems?

Yes, under emergency guidance, you can get these medications for free. Find a list of NGOs that provide free mental health support and medication for psychiatric health problems.

Do any humanitarian organizations provide free medical services in Greece?

Yes. Visit our Service Map to find humanitarian organizations’ services and other medical providers near you.


Visit our Service map, to look for services provided to Ukrainian nationals, such as health services, information and support services, legal services, educational services, women, girls and children’s services etc. For your search, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. In the "Region" tab, you can choose your location area in Greece, such as Attica, Western Macedonia, Crete etc.
  2. In the "City" tab, you can choose your city in the region, such as Athens, Thessaloniki etc.
  3. In the "All Services" tab, you can choose among services such as community centres that provide activities free of charge, legal actors, languages classes for free, public hospitals and social and health services provided by NGO's.


You can also navigate on the map or choose the list view: 

mceclip1.png  mceclip2.png


Please note that the Service Map provides information in English, but you can send us a message on Facebook to direct you to NGOs, service providers and public services according to your needs. 

For more information on how to access healthcare services in Greece, please check our video.