A copy of the criminal record is a necessary certificate for issuing many administrative procedures, including the acquisition of Greek citizenship and work permission. Copies of criminal records are issued free of charge within 10 working days from the date of submission of the application.

Τhe validity of the document is up to 3 months.

There are two types of copies of criminal records:

  • copies of criminal records for general use
  • copies of criminal records of judicial use

How to obtain a copy of criminal record for general use

You can either do this online or request an appointment at a KEP (Citizen Service Centers), and they can do it for you. Find here a KEP office near to you

Online Steps

  1. Visit the online platform for public services POINIKO MITROO 1

  2. You need to add your TAXISnet credentials. After you do this, press the circled blue button ΣΥΝΔΕΣΗ. POINIKO MITROO 2

  3. It will then ask you to verify that your name, surname, and AFM are correct. To proceed, press the blue button ΣΥΝΕΧΕΙΑ POINIKO MITROO 3

  4. It will then ask you to agree that the state can check these details with any other databases (ex. background checks). If you agree, select yes (NAI), then press the circled button ΣΥΝΕΧΕΙΑ POINIKO MITROO 4

  5. You need to fill in your email and telephone number and certify that the details mentioned above (on the same page) are correct. Press the blue button to proceed, ΣΥΝΕΧΕΙΑ. POINIKO MITROO 5

  6. It will then ask you to submit the request. To do this, select the blue button Υποβολή Αίτησης. PINIKO MITROO 5

  7. You will eventually receive an email with a link to download your criminal record. Follow the link, and you will have access to a PDF of your record. PINIKO MITROO 6

If no TAXISnet codes are available you can visit the official page here and request it via email.

How to receive your criminal record copy

To receive a copy of your criminal record, you must:

  • go to the Citizens' Service Center, where you submitted your application, with your police ID or other public document proving your identity or to authorize another person for this purpose legally.

-to show your police ID to the post office (ELTA) employee when the copy of your criminal record is sent to you by registered letter upon submission of your telephone application.

The document will be like the picture below piniko mitroo