In this article, you can find information about nursery schools in Greece. 
Check what documents you need and how to register your child. 

Nursery school in Greece

The children in Greece aged 6 months to 4 years old can attend Nursery school & pre-primary school, which are not compulsory and are under the Municipalities administration. Each municipality applies specific regulations and guidelines on the registration procedure, and in most municipalities, the children have to go to kindergarten at the age of 4.

You can check online the page of the municipality you live to find more information. The registration period is usually from the last ten days of May until the first week of June. However, the sooner you apply for registration, the more chances you will have to find a place for your children. Please note that during your enrollment, a social report might be requested. If you are a beneficiary of an NGO, you can contact a Social worker, psychologist, or the supervisor of the NGO to provide you with the social report. If you live in a camp, you can ask for this document from the Educational Focal Point of the Camp.

The pre-primary school (kindergarten) is compulsory after the age of 4 years old. Parents can apply to the online platform. The registration period begins in mid-May and until the end of May.

Applications are also accepted after those dates, but only if there are available places in the nurseries. Although, this is not common as the available positions are few and many parents, including Greek families, face this issue. However, registration in the kindergarten must be done in any case.

What documents will you need for the enrollment

During the enrolment, you will need to provide:

  • Child’s ID (official identity) or your child's Full Registration card or Residence Permit. The school will make a copy.
  • Proof of vaccination, depending on the age (medical booklet or any medical documentation that proves the vaccination). 
  • Individual Student Health Card (A.D.Y.M).
  • Any available document as proof of address, such as a lease contract, a certificate by the NGO that hosts you, or an electricity bill in your name. If you don't have this document, the principle of the school can still register your child. 
  • For Ukrainian Nationals: you need to have your Temporary Protection Card.

You can ask for support from an NGO or the Refugee Education Coordinators. 

In some municipalities, there may be a fee that you have to pay. It depends on the area.

Additionally, there is an NGO called Amurtel, where you can find psychosocial support if you are pregnant or recently gave birth and have newborn babies.

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