This article will give you all the information you need for each level of education in Greece.
Find info about:
  • How to register for formal education?
  • Which type of schools to choose?
  • How to register if you don't speak English or Greek?

Is school mandatory in Greece?

Yes, kindergarten, Primary and Lower High school are obligatory in Greece. (4-15 years old). Upper secondary (Lyceum) is optional.

How can I enroll my child on formal education in Greece?

Education Level: Child centers

  • Registration period: You can submit your application online every May- June. Limited applications
  • Documents: Depending on EACH MUNICIPALITY.
  • Proof of vaccines, Child's ID, and proof of address.
  • School schedule: Monday - Friday 08:00-14.00 / Full day: 08.00 - 15.30

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Education Level: Kindergarten Compulsory from 4 years old

  • Registration period: you can register your child during the whole year, you can visit the kindergarten in your area & submit your application.
  • Documents: Depending on EACH MUNICIPALITY.
  • Proof of vaccines, any kind of official document that identifies the child's ID, and proof of address.
  • School schedule: Monday - Friday 08:00-14.00 / Full day: 08.00 - 15.30

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Education Level: Primary School Compulsory

  • Registration period: During the school year, you can register your child at primary school, depending on the age. Reregistration is done automatically.
  • Documents: Proof of address vaccination, child’s ADYM.
  • School schedule: Monday – Friday 08:15-13:15 Full day: 08.00 – 16.00

Education Level: Lower Secondary Education\Gymnasium (Compulsory)

  • Registration period: Depending on age, you can register your child at primary school during the school year. Reregistration is done automatically.
  • Documents: Proof of address vaccination, child’s ADYM
  • School schedule: Monday – Friday 08:15-13:30

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Education Level: Upper Secondary Education\Lyceum

  • Registration period: During the school year, you can register your child at Lyceum, depending on the age.
  • Documents: Proof of address vaccination, child’s ADYM
  • School schedule: Monday – Friday 08:15-14.00

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Education for  Over 15 years old 

You can still register to a public school in Greece. Check here to find info on Schooling options for refugees over 15 years old

What is the online platform to register my child?

This is the online platform to register your child for the first time.

For re-registrations: Visit e-eggrafes and start the procedure electronically.

You can download ADYM here.

Download this letter if you are going to school alone and do not speak English. Visit your nearest kindergarten or primary school and show it to the School Director to help you. Also, ensure you get your application number with you («protokolo» in Greek).

In the case of online registrations, parents who do not have Taxisnet codes need to submit a solemn declaration explaining their inability to register the child. Registration can be done by the school principal or the τteacher of the School Vocational Orientation.

Where can my child be vaccinated for free?

Every year, the Ministry of Health lists 10 vaccines that children need to go to school. In general, vaccination is not compulsory, but due to the current Covid-19 situation, schools don’t accept children if they haven’t been vaccinated as this is the safest way to protect children from contagious diseases and prevent any heart-related injuries during sports. If your children have PAAYPA or Social Security Number (A.M.K.A.), they take their cards with them to the school when they enroll. The school may say that the vaccines listed on the Card) are enough.

Find more about the vaccination procedure in Greece.

Will my child have a place for sure? Are children guaranteed a place?

All children in primary school are guaranteed a place, and all children born in 2015 will have a place in kindergarten. Not all children born in 2016 are guaranteed a place in kindergartens, which depends on the municipality they live in Greece due to lack of space. This issue affects Greek families too.

Can I enroll my child in full-day schools?

Yes, in formal education in Greece, there are all-day schools until 3:30 pm to support the children's studies (primary schools and lower high school (Gymnasium) and facilitate parents during their working hours. In Preprimaries and child centers, the children can remain until 4:00. You can ask the school's principal for more details.

What is the intercultural school in Greece?

Intercultural schools in Greece are special schools with educational programs focused on intercultural communication. The tutors specialized in teaching the Greek language as a second language. Also, most of them have a holistic knowledge of the intercultural background of their students, making communication easier.

What is the evening gymnasium (Lower High School) or Lyceum(Upper High School)?

In these types of schools, students older than 15  years old who work in the morning don’t have the chance to follow the morning school schedule. As a result, they participate in afternoon classes.

What are the Special Primary Schools? How can I enroll my child there?

There are schools where teachers specialise in special education, and the students have serious disabilities or developmental disorders. For enrollment in a special school, you must arrange an appointment at the center of diagnosis, evaluation, and support for persons with special needs (KEDDY). The professionals will give you special guidelines if your child is diagnosed. Usually, a parent receives a recommendation from the teacher of the school unit where his child attends when he faces learning difficulties or behavioural problems. They will refer the child to KEDDY for evaluation, which is free of charge. 

Children who refer to KEDDY can be between 4-22 years old, with special educational needs and difficulties, due to physical, mental and psychological requirements. Depending on the diagnosis, the children may attend a general school class with parallel support from Special Education Teacher. 
For more information, parents can contact the principal of the school. 

Is the using of a mask obligatory or optional?

The use of masks is not mandatory but optional for the students and the Tutors.

Participation in Religious Studies

The course of Religious Studies is compulsory for all students in Greece and is taught in the schools of Primary and Secondary Education, according to the official educational schedules. However, non-Christian Orthodox students, non-religious or heterodox or non-religious, can be exempted by submitting a solemn declaration at the school that you can download here.

How to transfer your kids to another school

Have you been asked to leave your accommodation, or are you planning on moving and changing your address before the beginning of your kid’s new school year? Here is what is important to know to ensure your kid registers in another school to continue his/her education.

Parents’ basic guide to Greek schools

If your kid attends a Greek school, this PARENT’S GUIDE can provide you with the basics of what you need to know, including: - School hours and yearly schedule - School meetings and trips - Role of religion - Health requirements - Absences.

Who can help you?

If you live in an urban accommodation supported by an NGO, ask a social worker for help. They will contact the nearest kindergarten or school or the Refugee Education Coordinator, who will help you enroll your children. If you live in a camp, contact the Ministry of Education Refugee Education Coordinator in the camp for help. If you live in private accommodation, request support from local NGOs, or address the Directorate for Primary Education or a Community Centre operating in your location.