If you are an asylum-seeker or recognized refugee, you can rent an apartment on your own or share an apartment with a friend without losing any of your rights.

For more information regarding Ukrainian nationals please check "Accommodation for Ukrainians"

If you are an asylum-seeker staying in private accommodation, you can still access cash assistance and social services.

Before being able to rent an apartment on your own, you will need to have a tax number named AFM (Α.Φ.Μ.) to make a contract with the apartment owner. You can learn how to get one here:

Getting a tax number (AFM)

Tips to know before renting a house in Greece

You can find an apartment in Greece through real estate agencies, classified advertisements in local newspapers and online, or by word of mouth. The main websites for finding properties in Greece are Xrisi Eykairia and Spitogatos, available in English and Greek.

Once you see an apartment advertisement you are interested in, you can call the provided number and request to view the apartment. The owner or a real estate agent will arrange for you to visit the apartment.

If you wish to rent it, a private contract agreement describing the terms between the apartment owner and you will need to be signed. Usually, a house contract is two years long, and a security deposit 1 up to 2 rents will need to be paid in advance. The security deposit amount should be mentioned in the private contract agreement that both parties will sign.

After signing the contract, the owner has an obligation to upload the contract to the TAXISnet website (the electronic tax office database) to formalize the procedure. In your turn, you should accept the contract agreement by signing in to your account at the TAXISnet website.

Prices of rental apartments vary depending on the area. Usually, rental prices are higher in Athens and Thessaloniki than in the rest of Greece. A furnished apartment is more expensive than an unfurnished one. Your rent probably will not include electricity, water and heating costs. You should know that the water and electricity bills must be transferred to your name according to a specific procedure.

Under Greek law, if you don't pay your rent for 3 consecutive months, your house owner has the right to evict you and keep your security deposit.

Cover photo: Christos Tolis / UNHCR