Withdrawal of refugee status is provided under Article 13 of the Asylum Code. The authorities that gave you protection might cancel your refugee or subsidiary status in certain situations, in the following cases:

  • If a person is no longer considered a refugee: This means that you are no longer in need of protection because, for example, you have been persecuted by the previous government, but the current government has changed the criteria, or the war has ended, etc. 
  • If a person should have been excluded from refugee status: This means that there are serious reasons to be considered that the person has committed a crime against peace, a war crime or a crime against humanity, a serious non-political crime before entering the Greek territory, etc.
  • If a person used false information or withheld information: This includes false documents to acquire refugee or subsidiary status.
  • If someone is seen as a potential danger to national security or poses a threat to society: This case can be for someone convicted of a serious crime, the authorities may think about taking away their refugee status. The authorities should consider the type of crime when it happened and other things. However, this doesn't always happen as planned. Sometimes, the Police might put people with international protection in detention for public order reasons and then ask the Asylum Service to cancel their status because they are facing criminal charges.

Specifically for those who got refugee status (not for those with subsidiary protection), authorities might think about taking away international protection if the person went back to their home country or got in touch with the authorities there.

If the authorities start a process to remove your status, they must tell you in writing why they're doing it. You also have the right to speak up before they make a decision. This means you should have the chance to explain in person or writing why you still need international protection.

In revocation, you have the right to submit an administrative appeal within 30 days. In case of rejection, you have the right to lodge an Application for Annulment before the competent Administrative Court within 30 days, with the support of a lawyer.

Refugee.Info team advises contacting a lawyer or legal organization to receive concrete information and support. 


Ukrainian Nationals: How do you withdraw from Temporary Protection in Greece?

To annul a temporary protection card, you need to return the card and fill out an application at the State Service Office for Refugees at the relevant Regional Office for Refugees. The application must include your name, father's name, date of birth, card number and registration number.

If you are already abroad, you can contact the nearest Greek consular office and hand over your card while filling in an application form, in which you must indicate your name, father's name, date of birth, card number and registration number. The Greek consular authority must send your card by post to the regional asylum office that issued it. You can fill in the application form and hand it into the Greek consular post with the card or send it (only the application form) by email to the relevant Regional Asylum Office.