What are "Ensima"?

"Ensima" refers to National insurance stamps in Greece, which are determined based on the number of working days. These stamps represent social security contributions paid by both the employer and the employee. These contributions are calculated based on the employee's gross salary, which cannot fall below the national minimum wage. 

When working legally in Greece, it is mandatory to be insured under the competent social security fund (e-FKA). "e-FKA" is the National Social Security Organization of Greece that offers various services, from medical treatment to pensions. The payment of social security contributions is obligatory and gives access to free healthcare and pension when you reach the minimum retirement age and the minimum number of "ensima" required. 

Please note the following:

  • When you work full-time in Greece, you earn 25 ensima/stamps a month. 
  • To access healthcare (insurance capacity), you must have paid insurance contributions corresponding to at least 50 days of employment (ensima) during the previous calendar year or within the last twelve months preceding the illness.
  • Failure to make National Insurance contributions renders you ineligible for free healthcare access and state pension benefits.
  • If the employer does not pay the insured person's insurance contributions, the insured person must lodge a complaint before e EFKA. Α fine is imposed on the employer, and the corresponding insurance contributions are attributed accordingly.

Insurance contributions for private sector employees and land workers

Primary pension contribution rate

For employees in the private sector insured under the National Social Security Organization of Greece (e-EFKA), a 20% insurance contribution is required for the primary pension. This contribution is shared between the insured individual (6.67%) and the employer (13.33%).

Basis for calculating contributions

These insurance contributions are calculated based on all employee remuneration types, excluding social benefits related to marriage, childbirth, death, and severe disability. The contributions apply to earnings up to a maximum of EUR 7.126,94 € per month (maximum insurable earnings). Bonuses like Christmas and Easter bonuses and holiday allowances are also subject to these insurance contributions, with the maximum insurable salary applied separately.

Land workers' insurance contributions

Land workers covered by e-EFKA insurance and compensated with a labour stamp contribute 10% of their fee as insurance contributions for all insurance branches, including primary pension, healthcare, and the Rural Housing Fund. At the end of each year, insurance contributions are reconciled to determine the insured period. Contributions for the entire year should cover the required contributions to the previously named "OGA" for the insurance months that have arisen based on the reconciliation. Any difference is paid by the insured. The employer deducts the insured's contribution from their salary and remits it, along with the employer's contribution, to e-EFKA within stipulated deadlines. Please note, once again, that failure to pay National Insurance contributions will result in ineligibility for access to free healthcare and state pension benefits.


7 Steps to Check Your "Ensima" Online

You can follow the steps below to check how many "ensima" you have collected on the e-EFKA platform (in Greek).

  1. Access the e-EFKA platform
  2. Choose "Ατομικός λογαριασμός ασφάλισης" (Individual Insurance Account).Capture.JPG
  3. Click on “Συνέχεια στο TAXISNET” and enter your TaxisNET credentials.Survival Guides - Hero (2).jpg
  4. Provide your AFM (ΑΦΜ) and AMKA and click “Είσοδος”.
  5. Click on “εδώ” - "Οδηγίες Χρήσης - Πατήστε εδώ για την εμφάνιση του λογαριασμού σας" (Instructions for Use - Click here to view your account).Survival Guides - Hero (3).jpg
  6. Select the dates for the period you want to view your "ensima" and click “Έκδοση Λογαριασμού”.Capture.JPG
  7. A document with a detailed record of your "ensima" will be displayed on your screen. The number of your “ensima” will be under the ”ΗΜΕΡ. ΑΠΑΣΧ." column.