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Updated at: 2023/04/20

GCR’s Intercultural Center PYXIDA started operating in 1996 after the appeal of refugees and their families, who suffered from social isolation and felt excluded from Greek society.

PYXIDA follows a holistic methodology in order to answer the needs of individuals and families, based on an interdisciplinary team of professionals, who contribute, via the services and programs provided, to the integration of refugees and vulnerable immigrants in the Greek society.

The services of the Center fall into 3 major categories:

Intercultural Center PYXIDA - Education, Social and Employment Support


  • Morning and afternoon Greek and Math classes, for Primary School children and teenagers to help with their school homework. 
  • Book Workshops for children and teenagers with the help of our Lending Library and digital catalogue of our 4.000 Children’s Book collection. 
  • English courses for children, teenagers and adults by the American College of Greece, DEREE
  • Greek classes for A1 and A2 adult learners.

Classes form 09:30 - 19:30

Social Support

  • Counseling upon appointment and help with the registration of children to public school.
  • A social worker is providing any kind of social support, e.g., help with papers and documentation, accompaniment to hospitals and public services (when needed), conducting social assessment history, counselling, provision on information regarding social benefits, support with accommodation issues and referrals to relevant authorities. In addition, s/he will provide support for children’s enrolment to school.

Office Time: 9:00 - 16:00

Additional Information

  • A specialized Educator for pre-school ages (3 - 6 y.o.) is engaged with children and provide recreational and educational activities for this target group, while their mothers or siblings receive other types of support in GCR’s premises (e.g., Greek or English lessons, access to work for mothers and access to school for children over 6 y.o.).
  • A Child Phycologist is supporting children and a Psychologist is working with parents/or adults with mental health problems and in need of specialized mental health services/support. The professionals provide access to PSS for all affected children and adults in need of PSS, to bring back sense of safety, predictability and sense of dignity, to process their experiences related to the forced migration and to develop coping mechanisms to face everyday living. This kind of support includes psychological assessment and identification of needs; core psychosocial support, active listening, and provision of emotional support; training on the development of coping mechanisms for people with disabilities; empowerment of women via sessions of self - help; referrals to and links with actors providing specialized care, when needed.

Those who are interested in our services, please send a message to our Facebook page: GCR Pyxida Helpdesk , where they will be able to get all the updates. 

Languages spoken: Greek, English, French, Arabic

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Phone: +302103814710



20 Solomou St.


Contact Information



phone: 302103814710



Solomou 20, Athens, Greece


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