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Updated at: 2022/12/21

Immediate Social Assistance Line 197

The "197" Immediate Social Assistance Line operates free of charge for citizens as a 24-hour emergency line. It is staffed with specialized social workers and psychologists and is addressed to the entire population experiencing a problem of a psychosocial nature, but mainly to individuals, families and vulnerable populations who are going through some form of crisis or emergency such as:

  • victims of domestic violence.
  • adults and the elderly in need of immediate psychological and social assistance.
  • persons in crisis and at risk of injury.
  • victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual or economic exploitation.
  • victims of natural and other disasters.

Operation of Line "197"

  • operates on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week and all year round
  • provides urgent counseling and psychological support
  • provides immediate information on social welfare issues
  • activates and coordinates the mechanisms of emergency on-the-spot social intervention
  • refers to the other Units and Services of the Network of Ε.Κ.Κ.Α. and connects with other Services and Organizations of the Social Solidarity Network those who need further assistance
  • maintains a system for recording data on demand and services provided.

Open 24/7.

Contact Information


phone: 197





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